24 hours music Vol.1 - 24 Chromium

Takashi Miyamoto
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This is a sound work for 24 hours.
This is a sound work for one of the 24 hours.
If you want all 24 hours of sound works, please click on the link below.

I think the world has become gradually noisier over time.

Visual information is saturated, and the number of things that are to be perceived by the auditory sense is increasing, and it seems that the gaps between sounds are rapidly disappearing.

So I decided to try to describe "quiet" in terms of sound.

"Quiet" does not mean "silent". "Silent" makes people feel uneasy.

I needed sound as an ambiguous entity like "clear glass" or "fog" to help me live in this world.

Perhaps that is what you need as well.

I hope you can live pleasantly in this world.

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24 hours music Vol.1 - 24 Chromium

0 ratings